Rajko DOLECEK, M.D., DSc.,
Professor of Medicine
Ostrava, Czech Republic

Ostrava, February 2001

There is an ugly, dirty spot on the face of Europe. It is a sort of
cancer, regrettably still very much cherished by the official European
Union (EU) and its parliament, by NATO and. the USA (especially by the
former Clinton administration). It is the International Criminal
Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia in The Hague, the ICTY, that started
its official wretched, existence in May 1993. Its hypocrisy and biased,
lawless and unfair activities, as well as a very selective justice,
made out of it, in its-present form, a kangaroo court. The events
during the last 10 years in Yugoslavia have proved it.

Many hundreds of years ago, Saint Augustine (354-430) said that a state
without law was a den of bandits. In a similar way one could say that a
court without justice is a den of rogues. It is just to punish various
war crimes, but it is criminal to organize a selective, one-sided,
biased justice in the hope that the world is stupid enough to swallow
anything that the US/NATO/EU propaganda machine fabricated.

The creation of the ICTY as a subsidiary of the UN Security Council was
legally very doubtful from its very beginning. Among the first to head
the preparatory work for the ICTY was an honest Dutch professor of law
Fritz Kalshoven who soon resigned, obviously because he realized that
shameless frauds and frame-ups were being concocted, under severe
pressure by Clinton’s administration. It is sad to realize that the so-
called “free world” has been led and informed during the last 10 (1991-
2000) by a gang of disinformers, even overt liars.

The first violation of justice occured when the data were collected for
the ICTY, about the crimes perpetrated in Yugoslavia during the civil-
ethnic-religious war, where nobody was quite innocent. A devout Muslim
from Egypt, a professor at De Paul University (Chicago, USA) “Sharif”
M.Bassiouni was picked up (by whom ?) to prepare the database for the
ICTY (murder, torture, plunder, rape, etc.) and to publish his
findings. But, alas, in a huge annex of his report, he practically
omitted the well-documented Serbian reports about the crimes
perpetrated against them. And so the ICTY obtained only the data de-
scribing the Serbian real and alleged war crimes, without any attempt
to evaluate their credibility or truthfulness. The Serbian data about
the Croat and Muslim crimes had been sent to professor Bassiouni three
times, one even as a diplomatic mail, but he omitted them somehow, just
left them out.

Milivoje Ivanisevic, a Serb academic, from the north-eastern Bosnia,
collected in his book “The Chronicle of Our Cemetery” (Belgrade, 1994)
a vast quantity of data about the mass murder, ethnic cleansing,
torture, plunder, etc., carried out by the Muslim extremists and their
collaborators (1992-93) at Bratunac, Milici, Skelani and Srefarenica –
until 1991 the latter had almost 30% of Serb inhabitants, in 1995
none. Detailed lists of the murdered (about 1000) , of their killers,
of the property plundered, were given to the Crimes Investigators of
the ICTY. but nothing happened, nobody was indicted. And so, as an
example par excellance, Nasir Oric, the war criminal, the commander of
the Muslim garrison (the 28th division) in the allegedly “demilitarized” (sic !) Srebrenica is free and well-off in his disco club in Tuzla, where are so many Americans, regardless of the fact that his troops devastated up to 100 Serbian villages in Eastern Bosnia, killing about 1200 civilians. A member of the Bosnian parliament for Izetbegovic’s SDA party, in an article the reign of terror in Srebrenica, as organized by Nasir Oric (Slobodna Bosna, July 14, 1996).

When in September 1993 the Croatian army, its 9th brigade, supported by many foreign mercenaries, overran and completely destroyed the Serbian villages Medak, Citluk and Divoselo in the UN protected “pink zone” of Krajina, killing about 100 unprotected civilians (the French “protectors” fled), the event was described in detail by the high UN representative Cedric Thornberry. “The UN dossiers, with their
voluminous evidence, have been given to the Crimes Investigators (of
the ICTY) on October 6 – 1993,.. Since then there has been nothing but
silence” (Foreign Policy, Fall 1996). In that war crime a prominent
role was played by Agim Ceku, an Albanian officer who defected from
earlier the former Yugoslav Army. He was promoted to general after the
Medak massacre by the late Croatian president Franjo Tudjman. Later, in 1999, Ceku commanded the Albanian KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army, UCK) terrorists in Kosovo, and. became later the boss, of the armed “Kosovo Protection Corps” the MTK, the new form of the KLA, According to press reports, he is on the list of war criminals of the ICTY, allegedly on the payroll of UN, as commander of the MTK. The ICTY did not care about the above so far.

In early September 1991 the Croatian army and police assassinated about 100 Serbs in the area of Gospic in Croatia. A special “liquidation
squad” called the “Autumn Rains” did it. Its leading men were Tomislav
Mercep (notoriously known for crimes against the Serbs in the Eastern
Slavonia, in the area of Vukovar, Borovo) and Mirko Norac, later the
youngest Croatian general (at 34), known for his war crimes and wanted
even by the Croatian authorities (january-february 2001) in connection
with the mass murder of Serbs in Croatia. This crying shame was never
mentioned by the ICTY. 

The last fall (2000), Ms.Carla del Ponte, the
latest prosecutor general of the ICTY, visited Gospic and Zagreb.

One could have expected that she would indict him and try to get the
extradition of Mirko Norac for his war crimes, as well as of some of
his collaborators, e.g., Tihomir Oreskovic, one of the most notorious
killers of Serbs in the Gospic district (1991) – but just the opposite
happened. Norac surrendered himself and was arrested, immediately after the ICTY informed the Croatian authorities (Feb.21, 2001) that it would not prosecute Norac (DPA). “Norac is not on the list of persons prosecuted by the Tribunal, and his case will not be transferred to The Hague”, said Carla del Ponte, to strengthen the utter hypocrisy of the ICTY. The above killers organized murder of up to 100 Serbs and
some pro-Yugoslav Croats in the Gospic area, mostly “teachers, judges,

Before he started his bloodstained carrer, before he became a
member of a special police unit, Mirko Norac had been a waiter. His
military career was really staggering: in less than 10 years, he was
made from a waiter a general. He was a protege of the late Croatian
Defence Secretary Gojko Susak. A Croatian ex-intelligence officer
Mr.Milan Levar, who had testified against him, was killed last year
(2000) when a bomb exploded in his house at Gospic.

The ICTY has issued repeated warrants for arrest of three officers of
the Yugoslav Army, asking their extradition from Belgrade, for alleged
war crimes against the Croatian civilians in autumn 1991 duringfighting
around Vukovar. But the ICTY did not mention a single time the well
documented war crimes perpetrated by the Croatian National Guard Corps (ZNG) and the paramilitaries in spring and summer 1991 in the Vukovar area, in Borovo and in Borovo Naselje, where many hundreds of Serbs had been tortured and killed. The leading Croatian officials Tomislav Mercep, Branimir Glavas (commander of the notorious “Black Legion”), even Vladimir Seks took a leading part in it, together with many local killers. 

As an utter hypocrisy, the visiting members of the European parliament (Febr.10, 20.01) strongly requested in Belgrade theextradition of the above mentioned three officers, without mentioning the war crimes by the Croatian paramilitaries and police. Probably the EU parliamentarians did not know about those crimes, because nobody had told them and so their ignorance created the above arrogance. Some EU officials and the ICTY started even to blackmail the new Yugoslav government, connecting the extradition of the alleged war criminals with the economic aid to the country, devastated by the US/NATO aggression, approved by the EU. 

How is it possible that a real war criminal, Javier Solana (see the resolutions of the three Tribunals in Kiyev, Berlin, New York, in May and June 2000) is among the top
ranking EU officials? Wasn’t it Mr.Solana who “pressed the button” oh March 24, 1999, that started the criminal NATO aggression against Yugoslavia?

Ms.Louise Arbour, the second prosecutor general of the ICTY, visited
Sarajevo in autumn 1997. At that time it was full of appalling details
about the mass murder of Serbs during 1992-93, a part of whom had been thrown into deep mountain pits KAZANI, near Sarajevo. The crimes were described in an independent Sarajevo journal DANI (Nov.7, 1997), and by the International Herald Tribune (8-9 Nov.,1997). The latter estimated that 1000 to 2000 Serbs had been robbed and brutally killed.Even a detailed list of 51 killers was published, most of them belonged to the10th Muslim mountain brigade, including their commander Musan Topalovic-Caco and the boss of another gang of thugs Izmet-Bajramovic-Celo. The
ICTY authorities had been informed about those crimes by officials of
Republika Srpska in Pale. But the ICTY remained silent, nobody was
indicted, regardless of the well-documented evidence of murder,
robbery, torture.

After leaving her post in The Hague in 1999, the ICTY “inquisitor”
Ms.Louise Arbour was rewarded for her obedience, submissiveness to her
US/NATO bosses. She became a member of the Supreme Court of Canada.

The expulsions, robbery, ethnic cleansing, even murder of the Serbs
living for many centuries in Croatia started even before its official
secession on June 25, 1991. As an example, two “Crystal Nights” must be
mentioned, resembling the beginning of the Nazi pogroms against Jews,.
the original “Crystal Night” (on Nov. 9, 1938). On the eve of May 1,
1991, the anti-Serb hysteria, organized by Mr.Tudjman’s party (HDZ) and
the ustasha (Croat fascists during the Second World War) diaspora
mobilized chauvinistic Croatian mobs in Zadar. They robbed, vandalized
and burned Serbian shops, restaurants, private homes. The same was
repeated on May 3 in Sibenik and in other localities of Dalmatia. Many
Serbian houses were dynamited. Croatian punishment expeditions burst into many villages, looting, even killing. There was no mention of it in any ICTY report, nobody was indicted.

At the beginning of 1996 the Muslim authorities kidnapped in Sarajevo
(where they had been officially) two high ranking officers of the
Republika Srpska, general Djukic and colonel Krsmanovic. There was no
official warrant issued. The prosecutor general of the ICTY at that
time Richard Goldstone ordered their immediate transfer to the prison
in The Hague. After many weeks of interrogations, they were released. 

A few days after his release, general Djukic died, he was in a terminal
stage of cancer. His family complained that he had, while in prison, no
proper treatment, no proper diet… A well known Dutch professor of the
international law Theo van Boven stated at that time that the
kidnapping of both officers lacked any legal justification and that it
was at odds with various conventions on human rights. Mr.Goldstone was not authorized to behave like that. A real danger always existed,
professor Boven thought, that the ICTY would become a prolonged arm of American interests.

When in may 1995 the Croatian army, well armed and equipped by Germany, the USA, Argentina, etc., in spite of the existing arms embargo and armistice agreement, overran the Western Slavonia (a part of the Serbian Krajina), plundering, killing (reports said many hundreds) and burning everything, destroying many villages, expelling over 20 000 (30 000) Serbs, the ICTY did not take any action. But when Mr.M.Martic, president of the Serbian Krajina ordered firing of a few rockets on
Zagreb (there were 5 dead and a dozen or so wounded), the ICTY declared immediately that Mr.Martic was a war criminal. What a hypocrisy!

But the most flagrant hypocrisy of the ICTY became evident during the
Croatian army offensive called THE STORM, in august 1995, that expelled over 200,000 Serbs from their ancient homes in Krajina and massacred intentionally hundreds of them. The Croatian army was very well equipped during the arms embargo by Germany (huge quantities of arms, including tanks, helicopters, planes from the former East German army), the USA, Argentina, etc. The planning of the “Storm” was done by hired American “dogs of war”, the retired mercenary generals from the MPRI (Military Professional Resources, Inc., Alexandria, Virginia). The ICTY remained absolutely silent, no outcries came from it. But the ICTY panicked, when its former employee made public in the New York Times (March 21, 1999) that the ICTY had been well informed about the carnage in Krajina by the Croatian army and special police, but did not act accordingly, did not charge the perpetrators. 

Three Croatian generals Ante Gotovina, Ivan Korada, and Ivan Cermak, under whose orders all that happened, were never indicted. Neither was the Croatian president
F.Tudjman branded as a war criminal. Serbia, and Republica Srpska in
Bosnia, flooded by refugees, did not get a dime from the organizers of
that blood bath (the USA, Germany). Anybody who travelled through
Krajina by. car during the last 5-6 years had the opportunity to see
the incredible devastations, the barbarism of the West that sponsored

Three explosions in Sarajevo, thanks to the mendacity and false
evidence of the western leaders and media, of the Muslim and Croat
authorities, caused irreparable damages to the Serbs. It was “the
breadline massacre” (May 27, 1992), “Markale I massacre” (Feb. 5,
1994), and “Markale II massacre” (Aug.27,1995), with over 100 dead and
much over 300 wounded. 

Without any proper proof, the Bosnian Serbs, were immediately blamed for all the carnage by the West, parroted hysterically by the Muslim and Croat officials, media. But very soonthe available evidence, including the Western sources, proved that all
three explosions and massacres of their own people had been masterminded by the Muslim authorities in Sarajevo – and that Markale II was prepared in collaboration with some unnamed western secret services, to compel and authorise NATO to destroy the facilities of the Bosnian Serb Army, the infrastructure of the Republika Srpska, and to
become ‘de facto an ally of Muslims and Croats. 

The original outcry after the explosions from the ICTY was, overwhelmingly, the western politicians, naturally including Mrs.Albright, and media who created an
atmosphere of hysteria. But, when it was shown later that the massacres
had been prepared by the Muslim authorities themselves, the West (and
the ICTY) remained silent Neither Mr.Alija Izetbegovic, nor his generals were indicted, nor the NATO commander whose orders meant the death and destruction in the Republika Srpska, the use of the murderous DU (depleted uranium) bombs.

Another case of western fabrications and hysteria, of an ICTY hypocrisy
was the case of Srebrenica. The very inflated numbers of the alleged
victims (8-12 000), of the disappeared Muslim civilians and military
(feared dead), the huge discrepancies among various figures have never
been substantiated. There was severe fighting around Srebrenica, with
losses among civilians, there were many military casualties on both
sides – the Serbian sources put their losses at 1200 dead, with over
2000 dead Muslims. But it was no genocide as the wild reports of the
western media and politicians, including Mrs.Albright and the ICTY, the
Muslims| / tried to describe. The reports by many members of the
Dutchbat, stationed at Srebrenica, are quite realistic about it. 

The western (including the ICTY) and the Muslim disinformers are beginning
now to believe in their own fabrications, because they repeated them so
many times. Hitler’s minister for propaganda Mr.J.Goebbels would be
enthused…The ICTY never charged the Muslim army and
paramilitaries for their crimes against so many Serbian villages around
Srebrenica. …The excellent book by J.Elsasser “The War Crimes”
(Konkret, Hamburg, 2000) gives a perfect overview about the “myth” of
Srebrenica, about the Racak “affair”. 

The case of Srebrenica was one of the master fabrications of the ICTY during its indictment and trial in absentia of the Serbian leader in Bosnia, Dr.Radovan Karadzic and general Ratko Mladic. Among the 19 charges against the leaders of
US/NATO by the Tribunal in New York (June 10, 2000),there was the
important charge No.14, that the illegal ad hoc tribunal (ICTY) was
established with intention to destroy and demonize the Serb leaders.
The western politicians, media, and their obedient USA/NATO subsidiary, the ICTY, with all its stooges, managed to increase the hatred to unprecedented levels both in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, inKosovo. 

The expulsion of over 200 000 Serbs from Krajina could have
been seen by the whole world (the western media did not show it too
much), the carnage of the remaining Serbs in Krajina was confirmed by
many independent observers, but it meant almost nothing to the West,
while the ICTY was absolutely silent. But the controversial case of
Srebrenica, with many discrepancies, unsubstantiated hearsays,
represented for the western pharisees much more than the incomparably
more appalling fate of the Serbs from The Serbian Republic Krajina. The
western radio, TV, press and politicians almost managed to shout down
the truth.

Did the ICTY indict colonel Atif Dudakoyic, commander of the 5th Muslim
corps from the protected and “demilitarized” (what a farce) Bihac in
the western Bosnia, when his offensive in autumn 1994, with logistic
and NATO air support expelled over 20,000 Serbs, civilians, leaving
behind devastated villages with many dead, until he was driven back by
the Army of Republika Srpska (VRS)? The ICTY was silent again. Did the
ICTY accuse anybody of “CULTURAL GENOCIDE”, when about 300,000 books written in the Cyrillic alphabet (because the Serbs read it) had been destroyed in Croatia (as in the “old, good” Hitler times) The CULTURAL GENOCIDE in Kosovo, with about 2,000 000 books in Serbian destroyed by Albanians, left the people of the ICTY absolutely without interest, without any public outcry. When during the 1998, at the height of the KLA terrorist activity in Kosovo, about 50 periodicals in the Albanian appeared there, the West, including Mr.B.Kouchner and the ICTY kept talking about a cultural apartheid in Kosovo.

At the end of december 1994, the former US president Jimmy Carter,
brokered a four months armistice in Bosnia. But during february 1995
many US planes brought secretly at night a lot of arms and ammunition
to the Tuzla airport. It enabled the Muslim command to break the
armistice and to start an offensive on March 20, during which again
Serb settlements were destroyed and many civilians killed. Neither the
UN, nor the ICTY protested, nobody was indicted.