The American people are being assaulted with a smear campaign which claims the Serbs are carrying out a racist plan to drive Albanians from Kosovo.

This is simply a lie.

The following statement was written by Americans. It is based on information from OPPOSITION sources in Serbia and sources in the Serbian Orthodox Church including the Decani Monastery in Kosovo, legendary for its kindness to Albanians. We’ve also been helped by information from Albanians in Kosovo who are opposed to the KLA, the ethnic Albanian terrorist group supported by NATO.

1) People are not fleeing Kosovo because of Serbian ethnic cleansing they are fleeing mainly because of widespread saturation bombing of villages by NATO. In some areas, Government troops are evacuating people of all ethnic groups for their own safety. This is not a false concern.

One should know that Kosovo is the most heavily populated part of Yugoslavia and one of the most populated areas of Europe. It is a war crime to bomb Kosovo.

Most of the refugees are in fact going NORTH into other parts of Serbia.

Reports from Belgrade are that the 80,000 Albanians who were already in Belgrade are now housing as many as 20 people to an apartment. Would Kosovo Albanians flee INTO SERBIA if the Serbs were carrying out racist genocide against Albanians?

Serbs, Gypsies (Roma) and Turks are also fleeing Kosovo – and they are also among the people going in to Macedonia, though more go North intoSerbia.

Actually, all ethnic groups, ALL PEOPLE, are running away from NATO carpet bombing. The percentage is the same among Albanians, Serbs, Turks and Gypsies (Roma). About one-third of all these groups have left Kosovo.

2) This has produced a TERRIBLE refugee problem for Serbia, which for years has been overloaded with ONE MILLION refugees from Bosnia and Croatia. More refugees is the last thing the government wants or needs. Peopleeverywhere are already exhausted by the bombing which makes sleep impossible.

The Northern part of Serbia, already impoverished by 8 years of terrible Sanctions, now has to take care of hundreds of thousands of refugees on top of the million ALREADY there. Apartment houses are crammed with people. Any of these buildings could become a mass grave.

Everyone in Kosovo has had a missile explode within hearing distance –that has caused most of the panic. In addition, the KLA (the ethnic Albanian terrorist group) has launched an all out terror campaign. They attack Serbian forces. When the Serbs counterattack, the KLA hides in populated towns, putting the local inhabitants in the middle of a terrifying fire fight. This also causes people to flee.

The NATO bombing campaign, cynically directed at civilian targets RANDOMLY AND UNPREDICTABLY AND AT NIGHT – all over Kosovo – is intended to produce terror and to induce people to flee, thus destabilizing Serbia and putting pressure on Macedonia to knuckle under to NATO or be stranded with a “refugee disaster.”

It is a crime to bomb already politically volatile Kosovo.

3) There are hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens among the Albanians in Kosovo. They came from Albania in the last decade because that country has largely fallen apart into total poverty and lawlessness. They came to Serbia to escape these problems. These people are of course easily frightened by social upheaval. And of course they have no papers — hence they are a) hesitant to go North into Serbia where they might need identity papers and b) easily persuaded to repeat the lie that “the Serbs ripped up my papers” to curry favor with the NATO forces which have made clear that that is what they want to hear.

These people make up a large proportion of the people fleeing back into Albania (where they have family) and into Macedonia (where they of course do not want to admit they were illegal aliens in Serbia). Serbia has already persuaded tens of thousands of refugees of all nationalities who fled to Macedonia to RETURN to Pristina.

4) NATO is at war with the people of Yugoslavia and with the Serbian people in particular. A part of this hotly persued war is a propaganda war. No one should be surprised that the mass media, which is controlled by the war-makers, is spreading DISinformation to support the war.

To show the NATO side as good — the Western media has to present the other side as bad. But one should “read between the lines” and see where the propaganda fails.

One should notice that most Albanians are adequately dressed. Sometimes, the Western camera shows Albanians in designer clothes. One should ask — are these the “oppressed people” the media is talking about? Most of the interviewees speak good English – and with an American – not British accent. How come?

Do not be manipulated by pictures. Ask questions, tough ones — the sort you would ask when you’re considering an expensive purchase, because this war could be VERY expensive, and not just in money.

For instance, the TV presents us with the image of people crying and the narrator says they were terrorized by Serbs. But all we KNOW is: people are crying.

The new US Ambassador at Large to the War Crimes Tribunal was interviewed on Tuesday afternoon on NPR’s “All Things Considered.” He reported that he has interviewed many refugees and they all tell EXACTLY the same story, even using the SAME WORDS — they had to leave in 5 minutes, they were told to take nothing, etc. Doesn’t this prove their stories are true, heasked?

No it does not. Anyone with police experience knows that if every witness tells EXACTLY the same story using the SAME words — it proves only one thing: THE STORIES HAVE BEEN COLLECTIVELY REHEARSED. It is a dead giveaway.

We charge that this is WAR PROPAGANDA. It has been fabricated by the Covert Services of the U.S., of Germany, of England and of France. And we, you and I, the American people are the targets of this campaign of lies.

Remember. Ibrahim Rugova, the world-recognized leader of Kosovo Albanians, has denounced the bombing and accused the KLA, our allies, of carrying out a campaign of terror and of using the chaos of bombing to try and assassinate him and other moderates.

Let us not be stampeded. Let us not allow this government of liars to launch an even more terrible war based on studio sound bites and backroom scripts demonizing the Serbs, who are decent human beings just like us.

This is a very dangerous situation and our government is going against the advice of many people with the experience to know better. This has the potential of becoming far worse than Vietnam. If NATO is not stopped, then may God help us.