Secret 1993 ICTY report on Bosnian war death figures

The following account of the ICTY numbers was developed by two ICTY researchers and then suppressed.  Apparently, their paper was presented at a conference in Norway and  leaked out through a Norwegian news organisation. The 200,000 figure that Cherif Bassiouni ludicrously made official in 1994, first appeared in February of 1993. Two months earlier, the Izetbegovic government was using a 20,000 figure. But  in the dead of winter, when fighting had nearly stopped, they raised the number to 200,000 and the press, led by John Burns of the NY Times began their echo chamber.  Remarkably in almost three more years of war this number remained constant and is still used in media reports to this day. 

Sent: Tuesday, November 30, 2004 12:26 PM
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Subject: [sn-vesti 17369] “200 000 Killed in Bosnia” debunked by ICTY team

The fraudulent information about 200,000 Muslim civilians being killed by
Serbs (a.k.a. “Bosnian genocide”) was launched by Bosnian Muslim government at the beginning of the civil war and was accepted by the world media without challenge. Some creative minds pushed this number even higher.

However,  report of ICTY assigned expert team published last year revealed
different picture:

“The researchers estimate the number of killed civilian Muslims and Croats
to be around 38,000, while the number of killed civilian Serbs was about
16,700. Among military personnel, the researchers think close to 28,000
people were killed in the government army, mostly Bosnian Muslims. On the Serb side, 14,000 soldiers were killed, while a bit over 6,000 Bosnian Croat soldiers lost their lives because of actions of war.”

The ICTY report was kept under wraps until recently when Norwegian media broke the code of silence.

Having in mind that the fighting in Bosnia was a four side civil war (Bosnian Muslim (Izetbegovic) Bosnian Muslim (Abdic) Croat and Serb),
“200,000 Muslim civilians killed by Serbs” was exaggerated approximately