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Rethinking Srebrenica, the Second Revised Edition and the Kindle E Book Edition


We cannot think of a more appropriate date than today, July 11, to announce the second, revised and supplemented edition of our now classic study, Rethinking Srebrenica, as well as its simultaneous eBook launch as an Amazon Kindle edition.

Rethinking Srebrenica is a comprehensive examination of not only the evidence but all critical issues regarding this subject. We follow closely every mention of Srebrenica in academic sources and the media. We can state confidently that in terms of scope and depth of analysis there is nothing available today that can match Rethinking Srebrenica’s standing as the definitive study of this subject.

Rethinking Srebrenica examines the forensic evidence of the alleged Srebrenica “massacre” possessed by the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) in The Hague. Even though the ICTY created more than 3,500 autopsy reports, many of them were based on bone fragments, which do not represent complete bodies, but were represented by the ICTY as complete bodies. An examination of the matching femur bones found reveals that there were only about 1,900 complete bodies that were exhumed. Of these, in some 1,500 autopsy reports, including those comprised of incomplete body fragments, no cause of death could be determined by the ICTY forensic specialists; while 627 cases were consistent with battlefield casualties. Only about 400 autopsy reports indicated execution as a cause of death, as revealed by ligatures and blindfolds. This forensic evidence does not warrant concluding that a genocide took place in Srebrenica.

The authors (Karganovic and Simic) examine the events that took place in Srebrenica in July 1995 in a holistic manner instead of restricting it to a three-day event. The ten chapters cover: 1) Srebrenica: A Critical Overview; 2) Demilitarization of the UN Safe Zone of Srebrenica; 3) Genocide or Blowback?; 4) General Presentation and Interpretation of Srebrenica Forensic Data (Pattern of Injury Breakdown); 5) An Analysis of the Srebrenica Forensic Reports Prepared by the ICTY Prosecution Experts; 6) An Analysis of Muslim Column Losses Attributable to Minefields, Combat Activity, and Other Causes; 7) The Genocide Issue: Was there a Demonstrable Intent to Exterminate All Muslims?; 8) ICTY Radio Intercept Evidence; 9) The Balance Sheet; and 10) Srebrenica: Uses of the Narrative.

Since the first edition of Rethinking Srebrenica appeared eight years ago, no other study has appeared to match its scope and wealth of data, nor has there been any attempt to engage us in debate or dispute our findings. Silence is the tribute that propaganda pays to truth.

We recommend Rethinking Srebrenica to everyone who is interested in dismantling of what Prof. Edward Hermann called the greatest hoax at the end of the twentieth century; of which Noam Chomsky remarked: “if Srebrenica was genocide, then we must invent another word for what happened in Auschwitz.”

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