ICTY Propaganda

ICTY propaganda

John Hocking, ICTY Registrar, spoke at the ICTY closing ceremony in December 2017.  In his speech, he says repeatedly that the ICTY “had set the bar” and that it should now be taken much higher.

Mr Hocking’s analysis suggests that the ICTY, in entirely disregarding the limits set upon it by the UN, had taken the world in to a new era of enlightened justice.  

We have shown that far from this being the case, the ICTY succeeded only in removing many of the most crucial rights of defendants and destroying some of the most fundamental principles of justice.  

The widespread admission of hearsay evidence, the failure to allow defendants access to primary forensic and DNA evidence, the casual recourse to anonymous and ‘protected’ witnesses and many more fundamental abuses of process – all these failings demonstrated categorically that the ICTY was a vile and corrupt court which had lowered the bar to the ground, not raised it to new heights.

Link to John Hocking speech