Mary Mostert on the lies told about the Kosovo war

Why the Media WON’T Discuss the Clinton Kosovo Fraud

 They Were Accomplices in Clinton’s Senseless Destruction of Yugoslavia

By: Mary Mostert, Analyst, Original Sources (

August 22, 2000 


Last Friday, August 18, 2000, the London Guardian published an article entitled “Serb Killings ‘exaggerated’ by West.” It was subheaded: 

“Claims of up to 100,000 ethnic Albanians massacred in Kosovo revised to under 3,000 as exhumations near end.”

That article, in a well-known British newspaper, appears to be reverberating around the world. Knowing of my interest in this subject, and my skepticism about the so-called “genocide,” readers from all over the world have e-mailed me copies of the Guardian article and commentary about it.

Justin Raimondo, ( ), wrote yesterday:

“Think of what this has to mean: Madeleine Albright, James Rubin, and  Jamie Shea didn’t pull this off single-handedly. Not only the US government, but the worldwide media fabricated a “genocide” and, on that basis, launched a savage war against a sovereign nation that had never attacked us, in the name of “humanitarianism – a war, I might add, that was stopped but has not ended. 


In a sense, the NATO-crats have been tripped up by their own web of propaganda: in their eagerness to charge Yugoslav strongman Slobodan Milosevic with “war crimes,” and indict him before their self-appointed “War Crimes Tribunal,” Western governments have had to follow at least the forms of legality: due process, the rules of evidence – and, in the case of murder, not to mention “genocide,” the necessity of producing the corpus delicti. Where are the bodies, all 100,000 of them?

In a great fanfare of publicity last year, scores of forensic experts flooded Kosovo searching for those 100,000 bodies. At least one  thousand of them were supposed to be in the Trepca mine, according to the Albanians. Not a single body was found in the Trepca mine.

But the true nature of the Kosovo war was never a secret. Any journalist willing to do some independent research had more than ample evidence that Clinton’s so-called “Humanitarian War” to stop a “genocide” was a lie. 

The U.S. State Department, independent scientists and Interpol, Europe’s international police investigators ALL knew that the so-called “Kosovo Liberation Army” or KLA was the military wing of Europe’s major drug cartel.

On the day Clinton started the bombing, March 23, 1999, I wrote:

“Today, without a vote in the Congress or the UN, President Clinton has in effect declared war on Yugoslavia, which is approximately the size of the State of Kentucky. He is providing the Air Support the KLA lacks. 

Kosovo, which is demanding independent status, is about 4,000 square miles which is about one tenth of Yugoslavia. The KLA is composed largely of  non-Albanian mercenaries who are financed with the Kosovo-Albanian heroin trade in Scandinavia, Italy, and the Czech Republic.”

Part of the successive effort to convince the American people that we needed to bomb Yugoslavia was the Clinton Administration’s cunning scheme to change the meaning of the word “genocide.” That too was not hard to discern earlyin the bombing. On March 29, 1999 I wrote:

“Undersecretary James Rubin said on CNN yesterday that the Serbs were “committing genocide” by driving Albanians out of their homes and telling them to leave the province. The Albanian population is said to be 1,800,000 and the Serb population of Kosovo 200,000. However, at the borders, CNN reports a ‘trickle’ of refugees – guessing that the Albanians are too terrified to leave their homes.

“One of those stories – or perhaps both of them are wrong. That’s not a problem for James Rubin. He appears to have changed the definition of genocide anyway. The Dictionary definition of genocide is ‘the deliberate and systematic extermination of a national or racial group.’ Rubin says that genocide ‘includes’ driving people out of their homes and forcing them to go somewhere else. 

“If that is the case, that opens up a whole new set of ‘war crimes’ – for example, the Croatians driving something like 700,000 Serbs out of Croatia a couple of years ago. With Rubin’s new definition of ‘genocide’ Croatian President Tudjman is a war criminal. There were only about a million Serbs IN Croatia. 

“On the other hand, Senator Joseph Lieberman (D-NJ) said yesterday on CNN that if Milosevic doesn’t sign the document written, apparently, by the United States and presented to him in Paris for his signature, the Clinton administration will “destroy his nation.” When a nation is destroyed, of course, it isn’t the head of the country who suffers. It’s the people whose houses, places of worship, schools and jobs that are destroyed. Many of the people remaining in Kosovo, for example, will be killed.

Thanks to the support of senators like Lieberman, who may be rewarded by the American people this fall with a boost in his status to Vice-President, Clinton was able to bomb Yugoslavia INCLUDING Kosovo for 79 days, destroying hospitals, factories, schools, homes, water and power plants. Why? 

Because Milosevic would not sign a document in Rambouillet agreeing to allow NATO troops free reign in ALL of Yugoslavia, not just Kosovo.

And who, really, WERE the people fleeing Kosovo after the bombing began?

Actually, just about anyone who could, Serbs as well as Albanians. 

However, what CNN and other major news sources never reported was the fact that a huge proportion, probably a third, of the Albanians living in Kosovo were illegal aliens who had fled across the mountain when the Communist regime inAlbania collapsed and then its economy collapsed, leaving 70% of the workers unemployed. In April 1999 I point that out:

Today in Kosovo, there is a much LARGER Albanian population than there was in March of 1999 because KFOR has allowed anyone to stream across the border. So many of the so-called “refugees” in Kosovo now, living on the Aid provided by over 600 international organizations and nations, never lived there before while most of the non-Albanians – Serbs, Gypsies, (Roma),Egyptians, Montenegrines, Jews – have been driven out in order to make room for the invading horde from Albania.

The American media reported none of that. But, in May, after the American bombers bombed a Belgrade hospital, wiping out its maternity wing, we saw, thanks to Yugoslav TV, images of medical personnel trying to save tiny babies in incubators after the electrical system had been destroyed. A reporter in Brussels asked NATO spokesman Jamie Shea about it and Shea’s answer was: 

“President Milosevic has got plenty of back-up generators. His armed forces have hundreds of them. He can either use these back-up generators to supply his hospitals, his schools, or he can use them to supply his military. His choice. If he has a big headache over this, then that is exactly what we want him to have and I am not going to make any apology for that.

“Secondly, I don’t know if anybody realizes this. It’s not often remembered but over 50% of the refugees in Albania and the former Yugoslav Republic ofMacedonia are under 18 years of age. Children, or at least adolescents. 40% are under 14 years of age. 20,000 are under one year old and at least100,000 babies have been born since this crisis in March in those refugee camps, without incubators, without electricity, without medical support, without water, without a roof over their heads, with absolutely nothing. And therefore they are still considerably less fortunate than those babies inBelgrade. NATO doesn’t wish any harm to any baby but let’s make it clear here, the suffering, the real suffering, not the TV images, but the real suffering is in this business overwhelmingly on the side of the Kosovar Albanians who don’t have the choice, unfortunately, between an incubator with electricity supplied by President Milosevic or an incubator without electricity. They simply have no incubator because they have been forced out of their homes and into fields.”

The top reporters in the world were in that room. Not one of them challenged this story. I pointed out that it was a mathematical impossibility for100,000 babies to have been born in those refugee camps in 2 months time.

According to the UN figures, 60% of the refugees were children. The five refugee camps only HELD 77,000 people totally. At least 40% of the adult refugees were men, (CNN reporting notwithstanding) and not all the  Albanian women were of child-bearing age and nine months pregnant when the bombing started. So, we were told by NATO’s top propagandist, in effect that refugee camps that were occupied by approximately 27,000 adult women somehow managed, in a space of two months, to produce 100,000 babies. And to this day, I have not seen a challenge of that figure from any journalist besides me. 

And, exactly who was it now that was responsible for the people fleeing Kosovo? In that same article I also noted:

“And who is it that has forced the Albanians out of their homes? Has anyone noticed, besides me, that every time NATO brags about increasing and intensifying the air strikes that a new batch of Albanians arrive at the borders for the Western nations to take care of? When a few days go by without bombs in Kosovo, the flow of refugees slows to a trickle or stops. Are we all supposed to be too stupid to notice that?”

The report in the Guardian that is only now being reported is old news. I wrote a year ago, in August 1999: “NATO’s 100,000 Kosovo Deaths Shrinking to3000-6000 Deaths and asked a simple question seemingly ignored by the world media: “Where are the graves of the KLA terrorists who died in the ground war between them and the Yugoslav army?” Now we find that fewer than 3000bodies have been found by the forensic experts. But exactly who ARE those 3000 bodies? How many of them died in battles with the Yugoslav army?

Milosovic himself put the Yugoslav army deaths from the ground war with the KLA and the bombs dropped by NATO at 476. We know that some of the KLA soldiers died when NATO bombs dropped on them.

I pointed out a year ago that the best kept secret in the war was where the

KLA soldiers/terrorists were buried and how many there were. I get e-mail from many sources, and one of them has been KLA supporters in Kosovo. I asked a couple of them how many KLA soldiers died. On three different occasions I was told 2,000.

During the bombing I was not only criticized for my skepticism of NATO propaganda, but was told on more than one occasion to stop writing those stories. People in my own family refuse to believe the extent to which theywere lied to about the Serbs.

The hard fact of the matter is that, using the definition put forth by the U.S. State Department’s Jamie Shea when the bombing began in March 1999, the “genocide” taking place in the Balkans has been led by none other than the President of the United States, Bill Clinton, supported by the American TV Networks and major newspapers, plus most of official Washington, D.C. – Democrats and Republicans, although many Republicans wanted to adhere to the U.S. Constitution and the Democrats wanted to totally ignore it. Some

Republicans, among them Bob Dole for whom I voted in 1996, have receivedhundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign funds from the Albanian lobby in America. Other Republicans have Albanian/KLA sympathizers on their staffs and their policies reflect a strong anti-Serb bias.

However, as one of the House Impeachment managers pointed out, “Facts are stubborn things.” Eventually we have to face them. Sometimes it takes years or generations. It appears that in the information age those stubborn facts are bubbling to the surface more quickly.



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Mary Mostert was a political writer and activist. She was a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and served as a missionary for the church in Johannesburg, South Africa. She unsuccessfully ran for the New York State Senate in 1972.