Joe Biden on Bosnia

See this clip of Joe Biden addressing the US Senate on 13 September 1995 about the conflict in Bosnia.  Biden’s views were apparently based on what he had learned during an official visit he made to Sarajevo with Senator Bob Dole.  The clip is an interesting example of the way international political figures form trenchant views on matters in foreign countries that they barely know, on the basis of total and instant belief in what they have been told by a single interest group.  

Mr Biden claims in the clip that the Serbs had ‘invaded’ Bosnia to persecute the Bosnian Muslims.  He was apparently unaware that Serbs have long made up more than 30% of Bosnia’s population (with Bosnian Muslims the largest group at just over 40%)  and had no need to ‘invade’ their own country despite the illegal  recognition of  Bosnia as a sovereign state by those parts of the international community that have no respect for the UN Charter or international law.