Small Bites 2 – Unmentionable Truths

Small Bites 2 – Unmentionable Truths

Both Srebrenica and the Kosovo war prompted the western powers to claim that they were empowered to intervene to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe. 

It became ever clearer that there was no substantive evidence to support these claims at the time.  To this day, that remains the case. 

The Hague Tribunal, for all its bluster, presented only a veneer of evidence, largely consisting of uncorroborated allegations from anonymous eyewitnesses and scientific / DNA evidence, in reported form only, that was never made available to either the court itself or to the defendants and their lawyers. 

This court was trusted because it was apparently a creation of the United Nations. But in reality the UN had no power to create any kind of criminal court.  Under huge pressure from the USA, the UN Security Council illegally approved a resolution to create the court. The USA then took complete control of the monster it had created and used it to achieve its own ends. 

Although these points can be readily checked and confirmed on the internet and attention has been drawn to them in books (notably John Laughland’s “Travesty: the trial of Slobodan Milosevic”) and a range of studies and articles, the established version of events remains in place.  

Extensive efforts have been made in many countries to get genocide-denial legislation passed to prevent any questioning of the official mantra.  Not even the clear illegality of the creation of The Hague Tribunal and the equally clear illegality of NATO’s 78-day bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999 have been followed up by mainstream western media or world leaders and politicians – as they most certainly should have been.