Joe Biden on Bosnia 1995

This clip of Joe Biden addressing the US Senate in December 1995 is an interesting example of the efforts by politicians in the west to demonise Serbs.

Biden was speaking in the weeks after the Dayton conference which had ended the war on terms less favourable to the Bosnian Muslims than those they rejected in 1992.  Biden’s views seem to have been based on what he learned from the Izetbegovic regime when he and Republican Senator Bob Dole made an official visit to Sarajevo in the summer of 1995.  Dole, who allowed Kosovo Albanians to use his Washington office for their propaganda operations in the US, had triggered the collapse of Federal Yugoslavia by inserting a clause in a Congressional bill which made all US aid to Yugoslavia conditional on the holding of elections in all the Yugoslav republics.  When money ran out and inflation spiralled to over 1,000%, nationalists unsurprisingly swept the board.

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